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Didactic Curriculum

Education is critical and a top priority

All Hematology Fellows participate in the formal weekly ACGME-conforming  Hematology/Oncology-Curriculum Conference (Friday 8-10 am) which includes faculty lectures and Fellow presentations  (case presentations, board review subjects). Fellows in this program (which emphasizes hematology) will attend only hematology lectures.  During the 24-month curriculum, Fellows will be exposed to all Hematology Board-relevant topics.

Additionally, the Hematology Fellows will engage in a designated Hematology curriculum series, featuring faculty lectures, fellow case discussions, and Board Reviews relevant to non-malignant Hematology. Fellows will develop presentations, supervised by faculty experts, to intensify learning.

Fellows will also participate in the annual Hematology in-training examinations.

Fellows are expected to participate in the monthly HTTC "Bleed/Clot" Journal Club, presenting quarterly. Fellows will also participate in the monthly Hematology/Oncology Journal Clubs for Hematology-related articles.

Other training opportunities 

  • The Transfusion Medicine "Red Thread" weekly lecture series (3-months curriculum)
  • Comprehensive multi-disciplinary (Hematologists, Nurses, Social workers, Physical Therapists) post-clinic conferences  the HTTC and Sickle Cell C Program (4-5 pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays)
  • Multi-disciplinary CTEPH case conference (Pulmonologists, Radiologists, Surgeons) each Friday (2-3 pm).

During the summer months, a "what you need to know" series is given for incoming Hematology/Oncology Fellows, and the Fellows in this track will participate in all hematology-relevant lectures.

Examples of additional formal training options